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20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

“One Day,” is the critically acclaimed Bambu Station album now celebrating its 20th Anniversary with this reimagined, remixed and remastered Double Vinyl and Digital Release. As the explosion of roots reggae music from Jamaica in the sixties and seventies turned to dancehall, unexpectedly there came a resurgence of roots reggae from the Virgin Islands. Bambu Station was a main progenitor of that resurgence. It would be a band that would create music and write songs that reach into the difficult spaces in the lives of people. It would be a band that would have a positive impact on the lives of people. It would strive to keep a mighty torch lit — lit by ancestors and musician-prophets alike.

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Check out the “Leaves, Branches & Roots” playlist that we curate. Every tune is liberating featuring Classics and Presents. Burning Spear, Black Roots, Chronixx, Midnite, Dezarie, Reemah, Groundation, Sizzla, Tuff Lion, Ras Attitude, Bambu Station & more. Listen, Like, Share & Recommend.  Powers.


Reggae Music: Gift To Humanity Conference 

All roads lead to the ELife Center tonight to start the Gift To Humanity Conference! Bambu Station's own Jalani Horton will be on the mic in the Spoken Word segment along with Abena Disroe, Sister Kim Bey and the phenomenal Heru Ofori-Atta. Headlining this evening will be the mighty Proverbs Reggae Band.

Check out the schedule for all the action. CommUnity, family friendly. The VilLage.

"20th Anniversary" Gunsmoke Lyric Video 

We are celebrating the 20th Anniversary of our “One Day” album with a deluxe edition coming on May 3, 2024. This Gunsmoke lyric video presents the remixed and remastered version that will be available on vinyl for the first time.  

What's Hapnin' 

We hope all is great with the Bambu family! Many thanks for your patience as we were simply dealing with family life and building. We heard all your comments and now the time permits for us to broadcast once again. This year we will share our first vinyl album, remixed works, a dub album and several releases featuring heavy various artists. Yes, the live performances are coming in a powerful way. New tunes and more. Looking forward. "Bambu Station, broadcasting live."